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If you are overweight or obese, you should eat healthier and exercise more. Of course that’s easier said than done, that’s why we give you some tips to make the waste process easier.

Tips for the main meals

Eating consciously and regularly makes it easier to keep your new eating habits full. Here are some tips regarding the fixed meals:

fixed meals


Use all meals at the same place and at fixed times. Eating somewhere else or eating at a different time of the day becomes uncommon.

Use a smaller plate if you wish, so that you will not eat as much. Cook measured portions, because experience shows that one eats until the pan is empty. It may be useful to weigh the portions on a scale before cooking. Measure the same amount every day.

Chew the food consciously, put your knife and fork regularly and put a glass of drink on the table. Eat preferably with several people. This will extend the meal and you will be full faster.

Concentrate on the meal and in the meantime do not do other things, such as watching TV or reading. This benefits both the taste of the food and the time you spend on it.
Save the dessert for a later moment.

Try to eat before 8 pm. After eight hours your digestive system works slower, so the food is not digested as quickly.

Do not skip the three meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner). This prevent yourself from eating carbs. Did you know that breakfast is the most important meal? This not only makes you feel fitter, but it also makes you lose your fat faster.

Tips for snacks

Buy a lot of healthy products. If you do not have sweets in the house, you can not eat it either. If you still have an irresistible urge for sweets, take a piece of dark chocolate or buy healthy sweets (egg cakes, raisins, snack tomatoes, sweet carrots, long fingers, etc.) that you can occasionally eat as a snack.

Replace the sweets for something else. Many people enjoy when they are bored or as a reward. Try to find an alternative to this (for example, play a game on your mobile if you are bored or reward yourself with a nice shirt).

Tips to keep your sports full

Try out various sports until you have found a sport that suits you. That way you get motivated.
Go on fixed days during the week at fixed times. Habits break through less quickly.
Sports together with someone. This keeps you motivated and you will not stay home at home.
Tricks with overweight and obesity
Do you still have trouble with a healthier life, despite the tips? Then try to apply the following tricks:

If you fancy sweets, take a peppermint. The fresh taste distracts from the need for sweets. This also applies to chewing gum.

Drink plenty of water which gives you a ‘full’ feeling. Moreover, water is good for the metabolism.

Promise yourself something nice when you are successful in things. Treat yourself to an afternoon of shopping or have a nice evening at the movies. You finally earned it!

Tell everyone who wants to know that you are working on your weight. You can use social support and the control helps to keep going.

Never enter a supermarket with an empty stomach . You then buy products much faster that you do not need at all. Create a shopping list where you stick to. Children who want sweets? Speak with your children at home what you are going to buy and which products they can choose.