If you hurt your leg muscles, treating each disease involves a preliminary accurate diagnosis and compliance with the doctor’s recommendations . Conservative methods are effective in the early stages. As a precautionary diet that includes spicy, fatty, roasted foods, alcohol and nicotine rejection, the systematic implementation of measured dose of exercise. Accurate diagnosis and effective treatment will provide a complete medical examination.


When the pain in the leg muscles can cause the inflammation of joints and tendons as a result of overload and injury:

bursitis inflammation of periarticular bags and congestion in the sinovial fluid of lower limb joints and an inflammatory process can spread to the muscle tissue, causing pain in them and with a severe aggravation associated with fever. Infectious bursitis treated with certain types of antibiotics, non-inflammatory anti-inflammatory drugs, in both cases, if necessary, the fluid is pumped;

Miositis – a disease caused by muscle inflammation. Pain limits their shrinkage causing tension protection and, as a result, muscle weakness. Forced stiffness may aggravate the appearance of the skin. When myositis sore leg muscles above the knee . Most often it occurs, as a complication of viral infections such as the flu or a sore throat. Treatment involves the use of local analgesic ointment, dry heat and rest, painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs. Accelerate the rehabilitation of foot massage. Miositis may cause a parasitic etiology. But keep in mind, if you hurt your leg muscles above the knee it can also be caused by a number of other diseases.

Cramp-sudden muscle contraction, which can cause pain in the leg muscles. Sudden sharp pain like folding them when you pull in bed is or when the position of the legs after a long immobility. Soft knee frozen article is a gradual relaxation of tissues. A good treatment of leg muscle pain causes attacks, it can be a preventive maintenance . A diet rich in protein, the restriction of salt, abundant water intake. In order not to disturb the circulatory system, it is necessary to try to sleep on your left, and do not put the legs crossing. Contrast baths for the lower extremities beneficial effect on blood circulation and general health, contribute to the hardening of the body.

So the idea that hurt leg muscles without cause-wrong. First of all, you should pay attention to your weight, it often causes abnormalities in the vascular system and other diseases. Discomfort of any etiology must always be taken as a signal of the body of a health problem and respond to it.