Is it to be hip, to look more masculine or tougher, purely out of laziness during the holidays, or maybe just for a bet … every man will soon have his beard.

Nowadays it is even mainstream to opt for stubble or a hairy chin. But to keep such extra hair (you), whether or not accompanied by a mustache, aesthetic and to grow nicely, some knowledge and care is needed.

Nowadays, the beard is more popular than ever: hipsters and celebs make a statement with the beard shape they choose, but Jan with the cap has fallen for this trend and strengthens his personality by leaving a beard. For a beard can radiate class and elegance but also adventurousness or rebellion.

Consider also to allow your chin and jaw lines to grow or to accentuate your sideburns, especially look for a beard shape that suits your character and style . What is nice for David Beckham or Leonardo di Caprio may not be suitable for your type. Are you good with a ring beard or is a long logger’s beard the ideal complement of your looks? Are you a gentleman who is often tight in the suit or rather a rugged type?

Beard Growth

A beard does not only have to match with your personality, it also has to be adapted to the shape of your face . A flattering beard makes your face look as oval as possible, which is the ideal version where nothing should be covered up or accentuated.
– If you have a round or square face, then opt for a beard that makes your face a little longer and leaner: long on the chin but short on the sides.
– If you have an oblong or rectangular face, the opposite applies: keep your beard short at the chin and longer on the cheeks so that your face looks fuller.
– If you are gifted with a triangular face, you can finish off the accent on your sharp chin with a combination of beard and mustache (a beard stache) or with longer sideburns, which also do well with such a face shape.

Under the search term ‘Which beard suits me’ you will find all kinds of sites on the internet that give ‘face pairing’ advice.

Be thought before you begin

Some reflection or preparation work is certainly in order when you consider a beard (you). Keep in mind that it takes an average of 4 to 6 weeks for a beard to reach full maturity . During this period you can not shave unless you do not have an even beard growth and only a few tufts pop up here and there. Then you can not help but keep on shaving, because that is not a beautiful sight.

But not shaving does not mean that you can leave your chin and jaw lines for what they are. In any case, it requires some work to keep everything neat and tidy and to limit the rising violence here and there.

Also make sure your facial skin is completely healthy before you start beard growth. Possible problems such as too dry skin or acne are best thoroughly addressed first. If necessary, ask your doctor or dermatologist for advice.

If you do not want to go to a barber every time, you also need minimal equipment to trim your beard (and mustache). To keep a short beard nicely in shape, use a beard trimmer and a beard comb or brush . A hair trimmer is especially suitable for those who have a very full beard.

The secret of a beautiful and soft beard

Unless you consciously opt for flower power overgrowth, there are a few do’s-and-don’ts that require correct beard care.

1. Do not let the beard grow in your neck and neck.

The beard should be nicely full on the chin and along the cheeks, but the neck should remain clearly visible. To check where the neckline is, place two fingers above your Adam’s apple. Then draw an imaginary line that runs from the back of each ear to that upper boundary. Everything that lies underneath, you completely shave away. The result is a neat neckline and a clear border.

You can also do it this way: put your index finger as close as possible under your chin and shave everything that is underneath.
The first time it requires some effort, but after that it goes easy. It comes down to removing all the stubble in that zone in a disciplined way as soon as they pick up and with an electric shaver that goes smoothly.

2. Timely trimming is necessary

Once the beard growth has developed sufficiently, it must be trimmed. Move the beard comb or brush against the growth direction of the hairs over your beard. This makes the hairs stand up and you can trim your beard in the desired shape. Do not shave too much at the first trim session.

Do you want a short beard or do you have stiff beard hair, then you have to trim it every two to three days. Does your beard growth have a slow pace or do you want a long beard, then maybe every two weeks is sufficient.

If you also have a mustache, it should be trimmed weekly on average. Comb your whiskers down over your lips and cut them to the desired length with a mustache scissors. Such scissors are also useful to tackle unwanted beard hairs. Some hairs grow faster than others and need to be trimmed in time and condition. Other dives in the wrong place – such as on the upper jaw – and have to be eliminated. A jaw line marked too bright is also not recommended, because then it looks like the beard is fake and is stuck to the chin.

3. Provide your chin skin and beard hairs with nourishing oil

The secret for a soft beard is to apply daily nourishing care oil or moisturizer after washing. For that you use a beard comb, so you can distribute the product nicely over the hairs. The oil ensures that the hair does not dry out or prick. With that you will also make your partner happy.

The skin under your beard must also be adequately hydrated, otherwise it will become itchy. The washing itself is best done with a special moisturizing shampoo for beards or with a soft soap that you use to wash your face.