The Anti-Stress Diet Tips

If you suffer from stress or often, long and intensive sports you need more nutrients. Often you are inclined to grab a bar of chocolate or bag of chips, but fat and fast sugars are just a quick fix that only makes things more confused, making you feel even more restless. [what causes of brain fog?] Do your body and mind a favor and go for an anti-stress diet with good fats, proteins and complex carbohydrates.

If you are stressed or train intensively, your body produces the stress hormone cortisol. Cortisol ensures that the concentration of glucose in your blood increases so that more energy is released. If you are exposed to this hormone too often and for too long, your immune system can be disturbed, you have a greater chance of getting injured and you make belly fat faster.

The impact of low carb and low fat diets

Some diets can also make you feel stressed. Carbohydrates are converted into glucose, the number one feed for your brain. If you scrape all carbohydrates you can get concentration problems and feel exhausted. In addition, carbohydrates give your serotin level, the feel-good hormone, a boost. If you ban all fats, your digestion and blood sugar levels will be disrupted and you may experience mood swings .

No-stress foods

What you eat has an impact on your neurotransmitters, hormones and blood sugar, all factors that influence your stress level. An ‘anti-stress diet’ is not really a diet – in the sense of eating different or less to lose weight – but a diet with healthy foods that give your body & mind a boost in stressful periods.

These five important nutrients help you to control your stress level.

B vitamins

B vitamins release energy from food and help your brain function optimally. For example, vitamin B1 helps keep your blood sugar level balanced and vitamin B3 plays a major role in your serotine balance. Vitamin B5, vitamin B12 and folic acid help to reduce stress. Go for dishes with asparagus, leafy vegetables, broccoli, eggs, cheese, organ meats, sunflower seeds and legumes.

Omega 3

Unsaturated fats in oily fish such as sardines, herring, mackerel and salmon help prevent inflammation caused by chronic stress. Vegetarian? Chia, linseed and hemp seeds are good vegetable sources.


Magnesium is also called the anti-stress mineral. Your magnesium reserves decrease quickly during stressful periods. Even when you exercise intensively you lose a lot of magnesium through sweat. A magnesium deficiency makes you more sensitive to stress. It is therefore important to keep your stock up to date. Magnesium is found in leafy vegetables such as spinach and kale, whole grain cereals, bananas, avocados, nuts (almonds, cashews and pecans), sunflower and pumpkin seeds, raw cocoa and fatty fish.


Zinc helps you to recover if your immune system has been hit by stress. Put shellfish, beef and spinach on the menu more often. Zinc is also found in pumpkin seeds, cashews and raw cocoa.

Vitamin D

Together with calcium, vitamin D ensures strong bones. Furthermore, vitamin D influences muscle function, it strengthens your immune system and it influences the functioning of your brain. Sunlight is the most important source of vitamin D. The body can produce vitamin D itself under the influence of sunlight in the skin. The advice is to go outside for a quarter of an hour every day between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m., it is important that your head and hands are uncovered. But you also get vitamin D by eating fatty fish and eggs.

Foods to boost memory power

One of the main criteria for Performance Food is: It has to be fast to consume. Calories are a minor matter. Of course you can also cut your own vegetables, put together your own cereal or mix a smoothie. But for that too often the time is missing in everyday life. Therefore, the dosage form of performance-enhancing foods is suitable for eating on the go.


These power berries give your memory the kick you need. Because they contain not only a concentrated load of vitamins, but are also rich in antioxidants. And it’s these antioxidants that make the berries so strong. Antioxidants are extremely important in the fight against free radicals that naturally occur daily in your body, including your brain. But before they can cause any damage, Performance Food with a large amount of antioxidants effectively counteracts the process and protects your cells from oxidative stress.

In an animal study, the University of Reading team examined the concentration-enhancing effect of a blueberry-enriched diet over 12 weeks. In fact, subjects were able to solve the tasks faster with this diet than those who ate without blueberries.

Green leafy vegetables

The darker, the better! Green leafy vegetables that include, for example, kale, spinach or lamb’s lettuce, is definitely the hero for your gray cells. Because it contains particularly high levels of zeaxanthin and lutein – both carotenoids, which have been associated with an improvement in neurocognitive function in numerous studies [4]. In addition, you will also find a lot of important vitamins and minerals in green vegetables that support your body in addition.

The vegetables are perfect as a Performance Nutrition in combination with other fresh vegetables and some olive oil as a salad in between. Through this combination with fat, all the important nutrients in your body can be absorbed. For the power that lets your mental power shoot forward.

Nuts and seeds

Another snack to learn are nuts. They contain numerous trace elements , antioxidants and valuable omega-3 fatty acids that bring great benefits to your body! In fact, it’s the omega-3 fatty acids that push your memory. The dry matter of your brain consists of about 60% percent only of fatty acids, while 30% of the essential omega-3 fatty acid DHA .

These fatty acids not only help with inflammation in your body, but also in the signal transmission between the nerve cells. This was confirmed by a clinical study by the Charité Berlin, which was able to demonstrate an improvement in human memory performance when taking omega-3 fatty acids.

A source that is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, such as nuts, should not be missing in performance food. Everything you need to know about Omega-3 fatty acids can be found here.

High quality fats

Fat is a flavor carrier and should not be missing in your Performance Nutrition. As an additional benefit they support your mental power!

The healthy fats for your brain include olive oil, MCT oils, fish that is very rich in omega-3 fatty acids (eg salmon, mackerel, herring, eel), but also different nuts and seeds. You see, the choice is big. But where are the differences?

MCT oils are a good ketogenic source of energy for the body. The contained characteristic medium-chain fatty acids can use your body as fuel. Especially your brain makes use of this power. Perfect for your rocket launch! How MCT oil helps you achieve your ambitious goals and master challenges.

Severe Bone Pain Treatment, Prevention

If you hurt your leg muscles, treating each disease involves a preliminary accurate diagnosis and compliance with the doctor’s recommendations . Conservative methods are effective in the early stages. As a precautionary diet that includes spicy, fatty, roasted foods, alcohol and nicotine rejection, the systematic implementation of measured dose of exercise. Accurate diagnosis and effective treatment will provide a complete medical examination.


When the pain in the leg muscles can cause the inflammation of joints and tendons as a result of overload and injury:

bursitis inflammation of periarticular bags and congestion in the sinovial fluid of lower limb joints and an inflammatory process can spread to the muscle tissue, causing pain in them and with a severe aggravation associated with fever. Infectious bursitis treated with certain types of antibiotics, non-inflammatory anti-inflammatory drugs, in both cases, if necessary, the fluid is pumped;

Miositis – a disease caused by muscle inflammation. Pain limits their shrinkage causing tension protection and, as a result, muscle weakness. Forced stiffness may aggravate the appearance of the skin. When myositis sore leg muscles above the knee . Most often it occurs, as a complication of viral infections such as the flu or a sore throat. Treatment involves the use of local analgesic ointment, dry heat and rest, painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs. Accelerate the rehabilitation of foot massage. Miositis may cause a parasitic etiology. But keep in mind, if you hurt your leg muscles above the knee it can also be caused by a number of other diseases.

Cramp-sudden muscle contraction, which can cause pain in the leg muscles. Sudden sharp pain like folding them when you pull in bed is or when the position of the legs after a long immobility. Soft knee frozen article is a gradual relaxation of tissues. A good treatment of leg muscle pain causes attacks, it can be a preventive maintenance . A diet rich in protein, the restriction of salt, abundant water intake. In order not to disturb the circulatory system, it is necessary to try to sleep on your left, and do not put the legs crossing. Contrast baths for the lower extremities beneficial effect on blood circulation and general health, contribute to the hardening of the body.

So the idea that hurt leg muscles without cause-wrong. First of all, you should pay attention to your weight, it often causes abnormalities in the vascular system and other diseases. Discomfort of any etiology must always be taken as a signal of the body of a health problem and respond to it.

Effective home remedies to treat eruptions under breasts

A rash under the breast is a common phenomenon in women. Even if it is an innocent thing, it would be extremely smart not to ignore it. Timely treatment can prevent further complications such as blisters and skin infection. This article will tell you how to get rid of it with home remedies.

Most of us would confuse a breast rash with other skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema. However, a breast rash is not a terrible skin disease. A breast rash usually occurs at the bottom, near the fold of the chest. Redness and stinging are what makes most women realize the presence of such a rash.

This result can be treated at home by using a number of basic ingredients in your kitchen. However, it is important to understand the underlying causes and learn how to identify this result. The causes and symptoms are given below.

What are the causes Skin rash under the chest?

It often occurs in women who wear tight innerwear, which causes friction. Other factors that contribute to the formation of a breast rash are:

Sultry climate
Bacterial or fungal infection of the skin
Wearing synthetic fabrics that do not absorb sweat
Unhygienic bathing habits
Symptoms of Rash Under Breasts

These include –

Redness of the skin and tenderness
Bump on the skin
Stinging feeling

Scales can sometimes form too. Let us now explore the home remedies for skin rashes under the breasts.

Home remedies for treatment skin rash Under Breasts

Basil leaves
Aloe Vera
Lemon juice
Ice Pack
Baking Soda and vinegar
Green tea
Calamine Lotion
Witch Hazel
Oil paint
Basil leaves, You will need it – A few leaves of basil & Water

What should you do

Rub the basil with some water to a smooth paste with the help of a mortar.
Apply it to the chest rash.
Leave it for 20 – 25 minutes and rinse with warm water.
How often do you have to do this
Apply this twice a day until the rash disappears.

Why this works

Basil leaves are known for their therapeutic properties. They have a cooling effect and provide immediate relief from the tingling sensation. It also contains antimicrobial agents that prevent infections from developing in the affected area.

How To Get A Nicely Groomed Beard

Is it to be hip, to look more masculine or tougher, purely out of laziness during the holidays, or maybe just for a bet … every man will soon have his beard.

Nowadays it is even mainstream to opt for stubble or a hairy chin. But to keep such extra hair (you), whether or not accompanied by a mustache, aesthetic and to grow nicely, some knowledge and care is needed.

Nowadays, the beard is more popular than ever: hipsters and celebs make a statement with the beard shape they choose, but Jan with the cap has fallen for this trend and strengthens his personality by leaving a beard. For a beard can radiate class and elegance but also adventurousness or rebellion.

Consider also to allow your chin and jaw lines to grow or to accentuate your sideburns, especially look for a beard shape that suits your character and style . What is nice for David Beckham or Leonardo di Caprio may not be suitable for your type. Are you good with a ring beard or is a long logger’s beard the ideal complement of your looks? Are you a gentleman who is often tight in the suit or rather a rugged type?

Beard Growth

A beard does not only have to match with your personality, it also has to be adapted to the shape of your face . A flattering beard makes your face look as oval as possible, which is the ideal version where nothing should be covered up or accentuated.
– If you have a round or square face, then opt for a beard that makes your face a little longer and leaner: long on the chin but short on the sides.
– If you have an oblong or rectangular face, the opposite applies: keep your beard short at the chin and longer on the cheeks so that your face looks fuller.
– If you are gifted with a triangular face, you can finish off the accent on your sharp chin with a combination of beard and mustache (a beard stache) or with longer sideburns, which also do well with such a face shape.

Under the search term ‘Which beard suits me’ you will find all kinds of sites on the internet that give ‘face pairing’ advice.

Be thought before you begin

Some reflection or preparation work is certainly in order when you consider a beard (you). Keep in mind that it takes an average of 4 to 6 weeks for a beard to reach full maturity . During this period you can not shave unless you do not have an even beard growth and only a few tufts pop up here and there. Then you can not help but keep on shaving, because that is not a beautiful sight.

But not shaving does not mean that you can leave your chin and jaw lines for what they are. In any case, it requires some work to keep everything neat and tidy and to limit the rising violence here and there.

Also make sure your facial skin is completely healthy before you start beard growth. Possible problems such as too dry skin or acne are best thoroughly addressed first. If necessary, ask your doctor or dermatologist for advice.

If you do not want to go to a barber every time, you also need minimal equipment to trim your beard (and mustache). To keep a short beard nicely in shape, use a beard trimmer and a beard comb or brush . A hair trimmer is especially suitable for those who have a very full beard.

The secret of a beautiful and soft beard

Unless you consciously opt for flower power overgrowth, there are a few do’s-and-don’ts that require correct beard care.

1. Do not let the beard grow in your neck and neck.

The beard should be nicely full on the chin and along the cheeks, but the neck should remain clearly visible. To check where the neckline is, place two fingers above your Adam’s apple. Then draw an imaginary line that runs from the back of each ear to that upper boundary. Everything that lies underneath, you completely shave away. The result is a neat neckline and a clear border.

You can also do it this way: put your index finger as close as possible under your chin and shave everything that is underneath.
The first time it requires some effort, but after that it goes easy. It comes down to removing all the stubble in that zone in a disciplined way as soon as they pick up and with an electric shaver that goes smoothly.

2. Timely trimming is necessary

Once the beard growth has developed sufficiently, it must be trimmed. Move the beard comb or brush against the growth direction of the hairs over your beard. This makes the hairs stand up and you can trim your beard in the desired shape. Do not shave too much at the first trim session.

Do you want a short beard or do you have stiff beard hair, then you have to trim it every two to three days. Does your beard growth have a slow pace or do you want a long beard, then maybe every two weeks is sufficient.

If you also have a mustache, it should be trimmed weekly on average. Comb your whiskers down over your lips and cut them to the desired length with a mustache scissors. Such scissors are also useful to tackle unwanted beard hairs. Some hairs grow faster than others and need to be trimmed in time and condition. Other dives in the wrong place – such as on the upper jaw – and have to be eliminated. A jaw line marked too bright is also not recommended, because then it looks like the beard is fake and is stuck to the chin.

3. Provide your chin skin and beard hairs with nourishing oil

The secret for a soft beard is to apply daily nourishing care oil or moisturizer after washing. For that you use a beard comb, so you can distribute the product nicely over the hairs. The oil ensures that the hair does not dry out or prick. With that you will also make your partner happy.

The skin under your beard must also be adequately hydrated, otherwise it will become itchy. The washing itself is best done with a special moisturizing shampoo for beards or with a soft soap that you use to wash your face.

Tips And Tricks For Overweight And Obesity

If you are overweight or obese, you should eat healthier and exercise more. Of course that’s easier said than done, that’s why we give you some tips to make the waste process easier.

Tips for the main meals

Eating consciously and regularly makes it easier to keep your new eating habits full. Here are some tips regarding the fixed meals:

fixed meals


Use all meals at the same place and at fixed times. Eating somewhere else or eating at a different time of the day becomes uncommon.

Use a smaller plate if you wish, so that you will not eat as much. Cook measured portions, because experience shows that one eats until the pan is empty. It may be useful to weigh the portions on a scale before cooking. Measure the same amount every day.

Chew the food consciously, put your knife and fork regularly and put a glass of drink on the table. Eat preferably with several people. This will extend the meal and you will be full faster.

Concentrate on the meal and in the meantime do not do other things, such as watching TV or reading. This benefits both the taste of the food and the time you spend on it.
Save the dessert for a later moment.

Try to eat before 8 pm. After eight hours your digestive system works slower, so the food is not digested as quickly.

Do not skip the three meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner). This prevent yourself from eating carbs. Did you know that breakfast is the most important meal? This not only makes you feel fitter, but it also makes you lose your fat faster.

Tips for snacks

Buy a lot of healthy products. If you do not have sweets in the house, you can not eat it either. If you still have an irresistible urge for sweets, take a piece of dark chocolate or buy healthy sweets (egg cakes, raisins, snack tomatoes, sweet carrots, long fingers, etc.) that you can occasionally eat as a snack.

Replace the sweets for something else. Many people enjoy when they are bored or as a reward. Try to find an alternative to this (for example, play a game on your mobile if you are bored or reward yourself with a nice shirt).

Tips to keep your sports full

Try out various sports until you have found a sport that suits you. That way you get motivated.
Go on fixed days during the week at fixed times. Habits break through less quickly.
Sports together with someone. This keeps you motivated and you will not stay home at home.
Tricks with overweight and obesity
Do you still have trouble with a healthier life, despite the tips? Then try to apply the following tricks:

If you fancy sweets, take a peppermint. The fresh taste distracts from the need for sweets. This also applies to chewing gum.

Drink plenty of water which gives you a ‘full’ feeling. Moreover, water is good for the metabolism.

Promise yourself something nice when you are successful in things. Treat yourself to an afternoon of shopping or have a nice evening at the movies. You finally earned it!

Tell everyone who wants to know that you are working on your weight. You can use social support and the control helps to keep going.

Never enter a supermarket with an empty stomach . You then buy products much faster that you do not need at all. Create a shopping list where you stick to. Children who want sweets? Speak with your children at home what you are going to buy and which products they can choose.

Reduce Constipation? 8 Practical Tips!

Constipation or constipation is a problem that everyone has to deal with. Many people, however, remain silent with it – it is not a topic that you easily discuss at lunch ! And that means that the problem sometimes lasts much longer than necessary.

Often you can relieve your bowels relatively easily to reduce blockage. You just have to know how! Today we explain to you what causes a difficult bowel movement and what you do about it.

What is constipation?


Constipation occurs in different degrees of severity. Some people only occasionally suffer from it, with others it is a constant struggle to go to the toilet. Officially, there is blockage if you can defecate less than three times a week.

There may also be many other complaints. For example, the build-up of faeces in your gut often causes cramp and abdominal pain. The abdomen also often feels bloated and the ‘pressing’ on the toilet can hurt.

Causes constipation

Constipation occurs because the stool is held in the colon for too long. As a result, the intestines extract too much moisture and the poop becomes too hard. The reason for that slow bowel movement, however, can be anything.

Some people naturally have fewer active intestines, so digested food is not pushed out quickly enough. A fluid deficiency can also play a role: as a result, the body tries to extract too much fluid from the faeces. A bad diet, stress , medication use and too little exercise are also potential factors.

What to do with constipation?

Whatever the cause of the blockage, you want to get rid of it as quickly as possible. And preferably you prevent it from occurring again! Fortunately, there are a number of adjustments that can help you get your bowels moving again. We give you eight practical tips below.

1. Drink enough

Dehydration is perhaps the most common cause of constipation. If you want to get your poo humid, sufficient drinking is the first condition you have to meet! Make sure you get two liters of water a day.

Note: it is better to drink a maximum of two cups of coffee with hard stools. Yes, coffee can have a laxative effect. However, it also has a diuretic effect, and you do not want to dehydrate your body. Tea and water are also excellent options.

2. Eat soluble fibers

Fibers exist in different types and sizes. If you suffer from constipation, you mainly want to get soluble fibers. They absorb water, so they ensure that your stool becomes smoother and softer. Soluble fibers are found in vegetables , fruit and legumes .

There is nothing wrong with the insoluble fiber in grains, but they will not necessarily help you with your bowel movements. In too large quantities they can irritate the intestines and make the problem worse. Do not eat so much extra!

3. Eat enough fats

Do you eat lean, light and fat free throughout the day? Then it may also be that you do not get enough healthy fats . And they are important for your bowel movement: they provide a ‘smooth’ layer so that everything slides through your gut more easily. In addition, acids are released during the digestion of fats that keep your intestinal flora healthy.

In acute constipation it can help to eat a spoonful of linseed oil or olive oil. After a few hours you can notice a difference. To prevent clogging, you will simply have to include enough fish , avocado , nuts and oils in your diet .

4. Probiotics and fermented food

Probiotics strengthen the healthy bacteria in your intestines. You need these bacteria to ensure that your food is properly digested, and therefore also to prevent problems such as constipation. If you have regular bowel problems, you can consider a probiotic supplement. Please note that you choose something without added sugars .

Furthermore, fermented food is a great way to keep your intestines healthy. Think, for example, of fresh yoghurt , sauerkraut or tempeh . If you fancy a fun project with food, you can also ferment vegetables yourself!

5. Physical activity

Physical exercise is essential to keep your bowel movements working. It stimulates the intestines to continue to pressurize. This prevents your stools from being held too long and becoming too dry.

Half an hour of intensive exercise per day should be sufficient to prevent constipation. That does not necessarily have to be a fanatical sport! You can also walk a long way , go gardening or if necessary scrub your house. If you do not sit still.

6. Eat and shit regularly

Your body likes regularity. If you eat at the same time every day, your digestion is better prepared and the digestion is smoother. That helps your intestines to process that same food again.

17 Important Tips for Lose Weight In A Row

Perhaps you have already seen in my previous articles that eating the right food is the most important thing to get rid of excess body fat.

Here you already have handy tips to quickly get rid of those extra pounds. For more and more extensive tips, read the Ebook Fat Burned Secrets .

Tips for losing weight from the Ebook

Tip 1: Stop with ready-made snacks. Throw them away! Peanuts in bag, chips, etc.

Tip 2: Avoid alcohol. Alcohol makes you fat. It converts food more quickly into adipose tissue.

Tip 3: Eat slowly, no longer rushed. Your body will notice that you are full after at least 15 minutes. If you eat too fast, you eat more than is good for you.

Tip 4: Eat a healthy soup more often as a substitute for the meal

Tip 5: Eat homemade raw salad salads more often.

Tip 6: Do not eat more than what fits in your hands together per meal.

Tip 7: Stop diets. Learn to eat healthy. That means protein-rich, low-carbohydrate.

Tip 8: Drink at least 2 liters of water per day. Stop with soft drinks and juices.

Tip 9: Eat high fat. Note only the healthy fats!

Tip 10: Eat high fiber. A slice of rye bread is a healthy alternative to bread.

Tip 11: Avoid unhealthy snacks. Choose healthy snacks such as fruit. Also to get your daily amount of sugar.

Tip 12: Eat dark chocolate every day. This chocolate contains all kinds of goodies and fibers.

Tip 13: Prepare your own meals at home. Know what you eat! Do not eat too much.

Tip 14: Reduce stress. Many people come through stress. Adjust your lifestyle. Move more to prevent negative effects of stress on your body.

Tip 15: Eat nuts, yogurt and legumes daily.

Tip 16: Do not skip your breakfast! A high-fiber breakfast will start your digestion.

Tip 17: Stop bread! Bread is a fat maker. You can live healthier without bread.

Do you want a sample weight loss weekly menu incl. Recipes and shopping list?

It is essential to lose weight in order to live healthier. You do not necessarily have to keep a diet. It is important that you avoid all the carbohydrates from bread. However, please ensure that you avoid carbohydrates from bread, for example.

Go for breakfast, but do not opt ??for bread and fattening fillings. Keep it light. For example, choose a homemade salad with beans, such as lentils or the like, for breakfast.

In addition, you should avoid snacks and prefer to eat 2 basic meals. It is important that you go back to basics. That means as little carbohydrates as possible, as many good fats and proteins as possible.

For more information, I advise you to read the Ebook Vet Verbrand Secrets extensively.

Osteoarthritis Is Not Caused By Wear

When people think of osteoarthritis, they often think of aging. Or to worn bones. While osteoarthritis is a disease that you can get at any age.

Osteoarthritis is a chronic disease of the articular cartilage between the bones and vertebrae. This cartilage should protect the joints when moving. This way the bones do not rub on each other, but they move smoothly.


Healthy cartilage is therefore very smooth. In osteoarthritis it becomes rough and irregular, in some places it can even completely disappear. This gives stiffness and a lot of pain when moving. Also the adjacent bone is thickened in some places, this also gives pain when moving (it goes as it were rubbing). Small pieces of loose cartilage also cause irritation and inflammation in the joint .

There are two forms of osteoarthritis:

Primary osteoarthritis is the form of osteoarthritis where no apparent cause can be found. It can occur at any age.
Primary osteoarthritis can also be hereditary. It often arises for the fortieth year of life.
Secondary osteoarthritis can also occur at any age and has a clear cause. Often the damage to the articular cartilage is caused by a fracture (fracture), surgery, hereditary abnormality (such as dysplasia where the joint is not properly fitted) or an inflammation of the joint. Secondary osteoarthritis can also occur due to abnormal load on the joint.
Osteoarthritis can occur in multiple joints at the same time. We then speak of polyarthrosis. A single joint was affected in mono-articular osteoarthritis.

Misunderstandings about osteoarthritis

There are a number of misunderstandings about osteoarthritis. We will list them for you.

  • Osteoarthritis is an aging disease
  • This is not true. Osteoarthritis can occur at any age, although the probability increases with age.
  • Osteoarthritis is wear
  • No, osteoarthritis is not a wear and tear, but a rheumatic condition. In this condition, the quality of the joint cartilage gradually decreases. This is caused by cracks in the cartilage. Eventually the cartilage can even disappear completely in some places.
  • Osteoarthritis can not be treated
  • Osteoarthritis can not be cured, but treatment is certainly worthwhile. Pain and inflammation can be treated with medication. Exercise stiffness can be combated with exercise therapy. Moreover, you keep the muscles strong and supple. Joints can in some cases be replaced by artificial joints.
  • Osteoarthritis is the same as (chronic inflammatory) rheumatism
    This is also not true. Chronic inflammatory rheumatism (rheumatoid arthritis) is also a condition of the joints. Only then there is talk of, among other things, joint inflammations instead of cartilage decline. It often goes together with osteoarthritis.
  • Joints wear through movement
  • On the contrary: movement is necessary to keep the joints supple.

Joint pain

Osteoarthritis is one of the best known causes of joint pain. The best remedy for joint pain due to osteoarthritis is to keep moving. That way you keep the joint capsules smooth. By losing weight and walking with a walking stick you reduce the pressure on the joints. This will relieve the pain. You can visit Controlled Carb Gourmet for more details on treatment of joint pain.

The prevention of joint pain

Live regularly and eat healthy.
If you have symptoms such as getting smaller, back pain or a crooked posture, go to your doctor. He can check whether it concerns osteoporosis.
Ensure sufficient physical exercise, preferably in the open air.
Ensure adequate intake of vitamin D .
Use alcohol and caffeine in moderation.
Prevent stress.

Turn Yourself Beautiful In Just 5 Simple Steps

Do you want to be the most gorgeous on New Year’s Eve? Focus on a few information suffices to feel your chic and to radiate appeal. With our 5 pointers you feel lovely, even in the winter season.

Feeling your spouse is not constantly easy when winter season starts and you put different layers of clothing together to keep warm … Discover these 5 simple suggestions to radiate appeal in all possible scenarios!

1. Red lips!

Do you think that lipstick that says ‘Pin-up Red’ is too bold for you? No! A flaming lipstick is the best assurance for a gorgeous and feminine feeling. If you are not in the routine of making yourself up, choose a lip balm that is more transparent and simpler to use than a matte lipstick. If your skin has a rather yellowish tint, choose lipstick in a warm, orange-colored color. If your skin is rather rosy, you are better off with a lipstick in a chillier color (with bluish tones).

2. Cared nails

You would not say it, but a gorgeous manicure suffices to feel gorgeous and allure! Attempt a color that you would otherwise never use, or buy a brand-new nail polish.

Tip: Paint your nails at night. Do not fret if you have varnished too far: simply spread some oil on your cuticles and the next early morning after the shower you will not see anything! Apply a leading finishing for more shine.

3. Shiny hair

In some cases it is a small thing to feel lovely once again. And if you would attempt a new hair color? Choose a totally various color or emphasize the natural gloss of your very own hair color. Whatever you choose, with a brand-new color in your hair you will immediately feel more womanly.

Suggestion: keep your hair roots and look after your hair with Head & Shoulders for a silky glossy hair … Overall allure!

4. Give Sometime For Yourself

Do you wish to feel lovely, then you have to feel good about yourself … Do you not have the time or the budget plan to invest an entire day in a spa? Then be content with an hour of massage or a professional manicure pedicure. That is enough to seem like a princess!

5. Gems and accessories

Nothing radiates more allure than lovely fashion jewelry! Choose shiny earrings or a broad bracelet and wear a set of brief and longer necklaces together. Simply make sure that all your jewels have the exact same color: gold, silver or pink. In addition, a good clutch with sequins and of course you also put on your highest heels.

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